Stressed Out Package

Stressed Out Package

$ 1,100.00 USD

Are you stressed out or holding onto anxiety? Let’s conquer it together. Our Stressed Out Package will help you relax while simultaneously improving your physical and mental health. Stressed Out Package is available in a 30-day or 60-day package.

  • Massage – 1x per week
  • Hypnosis – 1x per week
  • Training – 2x per week
[Virtual and In-Person]

30 Days – Full amount paid at the time of purchase.

60 Days – Payment is handled on a weekly basis with an initial 30-day deposit.

Cost breakdown:
30 days: $1100 (discounted from $1280)
60 days: Deposit: $1200, Weekly $300 Total $2400 (discounted from $2560)
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