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At Pillar2Wellness, our team understands the hard mental and physical work that goes into a health and wellness journey. We have the experience and skill required to truly make a difference in your life. Our greatest love is being able to create a personal relationship with everyone who walks through our doors.

Patrick Borlik


60 pounds heavier with addictions to smoking, drinking, and eating fast food, Patrick was just 19 years old and looking for a meaningful change. It was then that he became a personal trainer and decided to take hold of his future, overcoming his obstacles to lead a much healthier life.

By the age of 23, Patrick enrolled in massage school to become a licensed massage therapist. This opened a new door for him to better understand how the body heals. From there, he was inspired to learn more about the mind. Becoming a certified hypnotist, Patrick found that mind-body connection was pivotal to helping people remove mental barriers and reach their full wellness potential.

Boxing had been a part of Patrick’s life from an early age. He started at just 11 years old, before taking a break and resuming at age 22, when he started going to a Fight Club. At 29, Patrick made a big step and took part in his first amateur fight. He won the Toughman Fight in 2020 and is currently 4-0.

Since founding Pillar2Wellness, Patrick has become increasingly dedicated to supporting others in their path to mental and physical health. With experience as a teacher, he strives to assist all clients in creating a solid foundation and building them up one pillar at a time.

Steven Sparks

Boxing Trainer and Personal Trainer

Steve is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist through ISSA. He is an amateur boxer with 20 fights under his belt, achieving the title of a 2-time Golden Glove Finalist.

Steven stepped into his first boxing ring when he was 12 years old, in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Steven grew up living above the gym and has been passionate about the fitness/coaching life ever since his early high school years. He had his own personal coach who taught him the exercises and experience that can't be learned in school.

Planning on joining a D1 football team after high school, Steven's plans changed when a total of 15 knee surgeries ended his football career, and unfortunately, put him in a wheelchair for a few months. He gained a massive amount of weight while in the chair, reaching a peak of 345 pounds. Anxious to turn his lifestyle around, he finally fully recovered his knee and was out of the chair and back in the ring. His road to recovery reignited his love for boxing after, and he has now turned it into his long term career. Steven has spent the last 5 years learning from a team of coaches and starting his own weight loss journey. He is down to 205 pounds in a year and a half! Because of his experiences, he wants to help and support all those looking to make a change in their life.

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