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Fitness & Training

Maintaining an active lifestyle starts with building the right foundation. At Pillar2Wellness, we supply an array of fitness modalities to keep your body moving for years to come. By attending our classes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself.

What Our Training and Fitness Classes Offer

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one attention or you like spending time with a group, we have something for everyone at Pillar2Wellness.

Group and Personal Training

There’s something unique about the energy of group fitness! Many people find that they’re able to stay motivated easier when working out and having fun with others. It’s why we offer a variety of group fitness classes.

However, for those looking for a more focused approach to their own health, our personal training services allow for a truly custom experience.

HIIT Wellness Camp

Our popular HIIT Wellness Camp is a great way to get your heart rate and agility up. During each session, we complete a 45-minute full-body workout which includes:

Movement preparation

High-intensity interval training


Strength endurance

Breathing and hypnotic techniques

All you need to bring with you is a mat, dumbbells, and positive outlook! If you don’t have your own dumbbells, we can lend you some!

The Health Benefits of Training and Fitness Classes

Staying active, whether in a group environment or on your own with a personal trainer, has many benefits that will help you live a happy and healthy life. Some of these advantages include:

Maintaining a healthy weight

Reducing the risk of a heart attack

Increasing the strength of bones and muscles


Stress relief

Improved athletic performance

Are You Looking for Training and Fitness Classes in Person or Online?

Personal training and fitness classes provide great outlets for you to better your health in a fun way. We want you to be able to both meet and exceed your fitness goals and are excited to be on the journey with you. Contact us for more information!

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