Pillar 2 Wellness


With the non-stop nature of today’s lifestyle, many of us see a massage as a chance to relax. But what if you could get the benefits of a parasympathetic response while improving your joint health and mobilization? At Pillar2Wellness, we offer what’s known as structural massage. So, while your mind gets to rest, we get to work.

What We Offer for Massages

When you come to Pillar2Wellness for a massage, you can expect a much slower pace. We take it easy with little-to-no lotion and apply pointed pressure while targeting a specific muscle group.

Your massage will be conducted by a licensed massage therapist who has been expertly trained in their field. They will assist your body in its recovery process and guide it to reaching the best possible results for you.

The Health Benefits of a Massage

Our structural massages provide many great benefits. You’ll feel refreshed and experience an improvement in your range of mobility. Some other advantages include:

Mobilizing soft tissue

Improving posture

Exciting muscles and fascial chains

Improving joint motion

Lowering the chance of injury

Improving movement patterns

Since your movement will become more efficient, you’ll also be able to improve your strength and overall performance.

Are You Looking to Get a Massage?

A massage from our skilled hands at Pillar2Wellness can help make a noticeable difference in your life. You can feel an improvement within your body, allowing you to complete activities and even daily routines more efficiently. If you’d like to know more or you’re ready to give structural massage a try, contact us today!